Westlake Math Colloquium第十三期 | Zhiyou Wu: q-de Rham Cohomology and Prisms

2022-07-04 14:45:16


地点西湖大学云谷校区E4-233 & ZOOM

主持人: 理论科学研究院 古星博士

主讲人北京国际数学研究中心 吴峙佑 博士

主讲人简介:吴峙佑博士是北京国际数学研究中心博士后,博士毕业于剑桥大学,研究方向为 Shimura Varieties,Langlands,p-adic Hodge。

讲座主题q-de Rham Cohomology and Prisms

讲座摘要q-de Rham cohomology is a new cohomology theory developed by Peter Scholze. It is a deformation of de Rham cohomology, which has the surprising feature of interpolating between p-adic Hodge theory for different p. Large parts of the theory is still conjectural, Dr. Wu will discuss his work on settling one of these conjectures on semilinear operators on q-de Rham cohomology.

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