Westlake Math Colloquium第三十二期 | Hana Jia Kong: A deformation of Borel equivariant homotopy

2023-03-07 10:17:58



主持人: 理论科学研究院 古星博士

主讲人普林斯顿高等研究院 孔嘉博士

主讲人简介:Hana Jia Kong is a postdoc member at the IAS 2021-2023. She completed her Ph.D. in Spring 2021 at the University of Chicago, under the supervision of J. Peter May and Dan Isaksen. Her research interest is algebraic topology, with a particular emphasis on motivic and equivariant homotopy theory.

讲座主题A deformation of Borel equivariant homotopy


The R-motivic stable homotopy category has a close connection to the C2-equivariant category via the C2-equivariant Betti realization map.

For the bigraded homotopy groups, the C2-equivariant spectra are usually more complicated to compute than the R-motivic ones, due to the existence of the "negative cone”. I will first explain this connection; then I will talk about the joint work with Gabriel Angelini-Knoll, Mark Beherens, and Eva Belmont, in which we construct the modified Adams--Novikov spectral sequence (mANSS) aiming to build an odd primary analog of this R-motivic and C2-equivariant relation. Using the mANSS filtration, one can construct a deformation of Borel equivariant homotopy, which agrees with the a-completed Artin—Tate R-motivic category for group C2.