Westlake Math Colloquium第五十期 | Zixuan Hu: Theory and Application of Quantum Algorithm Development

2024-01-02 10:03:07





讲座主题:Theory and Application of Quantum Algorithm Development


Quantum algorithm development is an important subject of quantum computing research, with the potential of achieving quantum advantages over classical algorithms when simulating complex real-life problems. In this talk we discuss both fundamental theories and practical applications of quantum algorithm development. In the theoretical direction, a study of the sampling process of state vectors leads to the fundamental beauty of the wave-particle duality of the qubit space. In the application direction, a new quantum algorithm for simulating open quantum dynamics has been developed with the mathematical theory of unitary dilation, and has been demonstrated on a variety of physical systems. Future works in both the theoretical and practical aspects will aim to characterize quantum circuits and states for systematic design of quantum algorithms with low complexity and high applicability.