Westlake Online Math Forum第六期 | Junliang Shen: Cohomology of the moduli of Higgs bundles

2023-02-14 12:41:13


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PASSCODE: 577552

主持人: 理论科学研究院 魏传豪 博士

主讲人: 耶鲁大学 沈俊亮 博士

主讲人简介:Junliang Shen finished his Ph.D at ETH Zurich under Rahul Pandharipande in 2018. He was a Moore Instructor at MIT from 2018-2021, before moving to Yale as an Assistant Professor. He works on algebraic geometry and related fields.

讲座主题:Cohomology of the moduli of Higgs bundles

讲座摘要: I will discuss recent progress on cohomological structures for the moduli of Higgs bundles, which include a proof of the P=W conjecture concerning the non-abelian Hodge correspondence of curves. In the first part of the lecture, I will start with an introduction to the subject; then we will discuss in more details the ideas and tools which are developed to solve the problems.