Westlake Online Math Forum第十期 | Lei Fu: Hypergeometric systems on reductive groups

2023-06-13 10:47:25


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主讲人: 清华大学 扶磊教授

主讲人简介:Lei Fu is a professor at the Tsinghua University. He works on arithmetic geometry, especially l-adic cohomology, p-adic cohomology and their application to the study of exponential sums.

讲座主题:Hypergeometric systems on reductive groups

讲座摘要: Hypergeometric differential systems on reductive groups are introduced by Kapranov. We study the arithmetic counterpart, that is, the l-adic hypergeometric geometric sheaves and the p-adic hypergeometric arithmetic D-modules on reductive groups, and discuss their application to the study of exponential sums on reductive groups.