5th Distinguished Lecture丨Regularization of pseudo-automorphisms

2023-11-14 16:17:53


地点:E4-233 & ZOOM

ZOOM会议号962 7046 9730


主讲人:Charles Favre, École Polytechnique

主讲人简介:Charles Favre is a French mathematician. He conducts research and teaches at the Laurent-Schwartz Mathematics Centre at École Polytechnique. In 2009, he was awarded Langevin Prize of the Academy of Sciences “for his work on analytical geometry, holomorphic dynamics and ultrametric analysis. In particular, he introduced entirely new methods of potential theory for the study of valuations and singularities, and these had profound implications in algebraic geometry and in the theory of dynamical systems.”

报告题目:Regularization of pseudo-automorphisms

报告摘要:A pseudo-automorphism f: X -> X of a projective algebraic variety is a birational self-map inducing a regular automorphism from the complement of a codimension 2 open subset of X onto its image. Any surface pseudo-automorphism is regular. But it is a subtle problem to characterize pseudo-automorphisms in higher dimension that can be made regular in some birational model. This question is strongly related to the dynamics of f, and more specifically to its dynamical degrees. We shall discuss in more details the case of families of abelian varieties, which we studied in depth with Alexandra Kuznetsova.