11th Distinguished Lecture丨Some Basic Facts in Finance / The Role of Time in Financial Markets and Their Models

2024-04-12 11:29:18



主持人:Huayi Chen, ITS

主讲人 1: Monique Jeanblanc, Evry University

报告题目 1:Some Basic Facts in Finance

摘要:In the talk we present some ideas of importance in finance. We emphasize the notion of risk and, as an example we present the Markovitz's methodology. We give a general definition and other examples. If time permits, we shall introduce a general utility function and give a solution for optimization problem in a general setting.

主讲人 2: Nicole El Karoui, Sorbonne University

报告题目 2:The Role of Time in Financial Markets and Their Models

摘要:By definition, the future is unknown and only partially predictable. In economics, it's up to financial markets to manage this uncertainty. An example from ancient times is the "forward" sale of crops, at a price fixed today, to be paid when the crop, good or bad, is sold. The financial markets have generalized this practice, and offered other solutions with guarantees, on many other underlying assets, such as exchange rates and interest rates, indices Following up on the previous presentation, we'll explain which probabilistic models, such as the binomial tree and which financial arguments used to make such a market viable.