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Westlake University Launched its New Institute for Theoretical Sciences

2020-09-25 09:26:23

Inaugurated at Westlake University on September 24th, 2020, the Institute for Theoretical Sciences aims to marshal talent around the globe and pioneer in theoretical research in a range of fundamental disciplines, including mathematics, theoretical physics, etc.

Professor Gang Tian, a world-renowned mathematician, was appointed to be the institute’s founding director. The institute has already begun to recruit young researchers. “Talent recruitment is now the top priority and distinguished, leading scientists and young, talented scholars are all very welcome to come and join us,” Director Tian said, “Together we could lay a solid foundation for future development of sciences.”

Westlake University is a research-oriented university supported by public and private funding. With the pursuit of excellence and refinement, Westlake has always placed significant emphasis on fundamental research since its establishment. “It is the effort to make fundamental theoretical discoveries that form a vital part of our mission,” said President Yigong Shi, “This year, Westlake’s laboratories did make some noteworthy scientific discoveries, which have gained increasing international recognition.”

As theoretical sciences provide the basis to cutting-edge technologies, the establishment of the Institute for Theoretical Sciences marks Westlake’s pivotal step towards more in-depth and higher-level research.