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3rd Westlake AGNT seminar

2023-09-15 16:40:36
报告人 时间 14:00-15:00
地点 E4-233 & ZOOM 2023
月日 09-20

Time:14:00-15:00, Wednesday, Spetember 20 2023

Venue:E4-233 & ZOOM

ZOOM ID: 921 6725 8223


Speaker:Yanbo Fang, Aarhus University

Title:Critical Fubini-Study metrics over non-Archimedean fields

Abstract:Critical Fubini-Study metrics on an ample line bundle are those (among its SL-orbits) minimizing the induced norm of the Chow form of the variety. Over complex numbers, such metrics have been characterised by the constancy of its Bergman function, and are known as balanced metrics in Kahler geometry. We give a characterization of critical F-S metrics over a non-Archimedean field in terms of a condition concerning a polytope constructed from the polarized variety and the F.-S. metric. (work based on arXiv:2212.02486)