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Upcoming events(2024.7.8-2024.7.12)

2024-07-05 17:18:36
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1. 58th Westlake Math Colloquium

Time: 16:00-17:00, Thursday, July 11

Venue: E4-233

Speaker: Guoyi Zhang, University of New Mexico

Title: Small Area Estimation using Support Vector Machine

Link: https://its.westlake.edu.cn/info/1175/2326.htm

2. Geometry and Local Recovery of Global Minima of Two-layer Neural Networks at Overparameterization

Time: 14:30-16:00, Thursday, July 11

Venue: E4-233

Speaker: Tao Luo, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Link: https://its.westlake.edu.cn/info/1072/2334.htm

3. A time dependent Queen Dido's problem

Time: 9:00-11:00, Friday, July 12

Venue: E4-233

Speaker: Alberto Bressan, The Pennsylvania State University

Link: https://its.westlake.edu.cn/info/1223/2310.htm

4. On local holomorphic maps between bounded symmetric domains

Time: 14:00-15:00, Friday, July 12

Venue: E4-233

Speaker: Yuan Yuan, Syracuse University

Link: https://its.westlake.edu.cn/info/1223/2337.htm 

5. Contribution to the study of stochastic partial differential equations with delays, current interest, and future plans

Time: 16:00-17:00, Friday, July 12

ZOOM ID: 961 7094 5617

PASSCODE: 028771

Speaker: Youssef Benkabdi, Cadi Ayyad University

Link: https://its.westlake.edu.cn/info/1072/2330.htm

6. Geometric Analysis Seminar

Time: 16:00, Friday, July 12

Venue: E4-201

Speaker: Song Dai, Tianjin University

Title: Existence of harmonic metrics on nilpotent Higgs bundles over noncompact Riemann surfaces

Link: https://its.westlake.edu.cn/info/1133/2032.htm